Racketeering and Extortion by all COUNTY, CITY, TOWN, TOWNSHIP BOROUGH corporation … A small examples of how it’s done.

Below is an article that was found. It focuses on the racketeering / extortion going on in Ferguson Corporation however this activity is Nationwide!
Every COUNTY, CITY, TOWN, TOWNSHIP, BOROUGH corporations engage in this process. It is the only way they are able to generate revenue in order for all the employees of the COUNTY, CITY, TOWN, TOWNSHIP, BOROUGH corporations to receive a weekly paycheck and obtain a surplus of revenue that is paid to their executive body.

Note – there is NO product or service provided.

This is Racketeering.

RACKETEERING. An organized conspiracy to commit the crimes of extortion or coercion, attempts to commit extortion or coercion. From the standpoint of extortion, it is the obtaining of money or property from another, with his consent, induced by the wrongful use of force or fear. The fear which constitutes the legally necessary element in extortion is induced by oral or written threats to do an unlawful injury to the property of the threatened person by means of explosives, fire, or otherwise; and to kill, kidnap, or injure him or a relative of his or some member of his family. From the standpoint of coercion, it usually takes the form of compelling by use of similar threats to person or property a person to do or abstain from doing an act which such other person has the legal right to do or abstain from doing, such as joining a so-called protective association to protect his right to conduct a business or trade. United States v. McGlone, D.C. Pa., 19 F.Supp. 285, 287.

It is also extortion.

EXTORT. To compel or coerce, as a confession or information by any means serving to overcome one’s power of resistance, or making the confession or admission involuntary. Sutton v. Commonwealth, 207 Ky. 597, 269 S.W. 754, 757.
•    To gain by wrongful methods, to obtain In am unlawful manner, to compel payments by means of threats of injury to person, property, or reputation. McKenzie v. State, 113 Neb. 576, 204 N.W. 60, 61; State v. Richards, 97 Wash. 587, 167 P. 47, 48.
•    To take from unlawfully; to exact something wrongfully by threats or putting in fear. State v. Adams, Del., 106 A. 287, 288, 7 Boyce, 335. See Extortion.
•    To wrest from, to exact, to take under a claim of protection. Commonwealth v. Neubauer, 142 Pa.Super. 528, 16 A.2d 450, 452. The natural meaning of the word “extort” is to obtain money or other valuable thing either by compulsion, by actual force, or by the force of motives applied to the will, and often more overpowering and irresistible than physical force. Com. v. O’Brien, 12 Cush., Mass., 90.
•    EXTORTIO EST CRIMEN QUANDO QUIS COLORE OFFICH EXTORQUET QUOD NON EST DEBITUM, VEL SUPRA DEBITUIVI, VEL ANTE TEMPUS QUOD EST DEBITUM. 10 Coke, 102. Extortion is a crime when, by color of office, any person extorts that which is not due, or more than is due, or before the time when it is due.

EXTORTION. Unlawful obtaining of money from another. People v. Parkinson, 181 Misc. 603, 41 N.Y.S.2d 331, 334.
•    It has also been defined as corrupt demanding or receiving by a person in office of a fee for services which should be performed gratuitously; or, where compensation is permissible, of a larger fee than the law justifies, or a fee not due, 2 Bish.Crim.Law, § 390;
•    exaction of .money by reason of oppressive conditions or circumstances, People v. Weller, 237 N.Y. 316, 143 N.E. 205, 208, 38 A.L.R. 613;
•    obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right. And see State v. Logan, 104 La. 760, 29 So. 336; In re Rempfer, 51 S.D. 393, 216 N.W. 355, 359, 55 A.L.R. 1346; Lee v. State, 16 Ariz. 291, 145 P. 244, 246, Ann.Cas.1917B, 131.
•    Obtaining of property of another by threats to injure him and to destroy his property, State v. Phillips, 62 Idaho 656, 115 P.2d 418, 420.
•    Taking or obtaining of anything from another by means of illegal compulsion or oppressive exaction, Daniels v. U. S., C.C.A.Cal., 17 F.2d 339, 342;
•    whether by an officer or otherwise, United States v. Dunkley, D.C.Cal., 235 F. 1000, 1001.
•    Unlawful taking by any officer, by color of his office, of any money or thing of value that is not due to him, or more than is due, or before it is due, 4 Bla.Comm. 141; Com. v. Saulsbury, 152 Pa. 554, 25 A. 610; 1 Russ.Cr.* 144; 2 Bish.Cr.L. 390; U. S. v. Deaver, D.C.N.C., 14 F. 595; Bush v. State, 19 Ariz. 195, 168 P. 508, 509.
•    Wrongful exaction of money or other valuable thing, either by compulsion, actual force, or by force of motives applied at will, Commonwealth v. Donoghue, 250 Ky. 343, 63 S.W.2d 3, 89 A.L.R. 819.
•    A taking under color of office is of essence of offense. La Tour v. Stone, 139 Fla. 681, 190 So. 704, 709, 710.
•    At common law, any oppression by color or pretense of right, and particularly and technically the exaction or unlawful taking by an officer of money or thing of value, by color of his office, either when none at all is due, or not so much is due, or when it is not yet due. Preston v. Bacon, 4 Conn. 480. See People v. Barondess, 16 N.Y.S. 436, 61 Hun, 571; Murray v. State, 125 Tex.Cr.R. 252, 67 S.W.2d 274, 275; State v. Anderson, 66 N.D. 522, 267 N.W. 121, 123; Whart.Cr.L. 833.
•    Term applies to persons who exact money either for the performance of a duty, the prevention of injury, or the exercise of influence, and covers the obtaining of money or other property by operating on fear or credulity, or by promise to conceal the crimes of others. Commonwealth v. Mann, 111 Pa.Super. 371, 170 A. 381, 382.
•    Term in comprehensive or general sense signifies any oppression under color of right, and in strict or technical sense signifies unlawful taking by any officer, under color of office, of any money or thing of value not due him, more than is due, or before it is due. State v. Barts, 132 N.J.L. 74, 38 A.2d 838, 843, 844, 848; State v. Vallee, 136 Me. 432, 12 A.2d 421.
•    To constitute “extortion,” money or other thing of value must have been willfully and corruptly received. La Tour v. Stone, 139 Fla. 681, 190 So. 709, 710.
•    To constitute “extortion,” the wrongful use of fear must be the operating cause producing consent. People v. Biggs, 178 Cal. 79, 172 P. 152, 153.
•    The distinction between “bribery” and “extortion” seems to be this: the former offense consists in the offering a present, or receiving one, if offered; the latter, in demanding
a fee or present, by color of office. Jacob.

The sad reality of this is that many of the People, majority Europeans and a few Asiatics, work and receive a weekly pay check from these COUNTY, CITY, TOWN, TOWNSHIP, BOROUGH corporations.

So it would seems that the People, all People are in a bit of a conundrum.

How Many Ways Can the City of Ferguson Slap You With Court Fees? We Counted

Ferguson city officials pledge to cut back on revenue-boosting court fees and fines—and there are plenty to choose from.
—By Julia Lurie and Katie Rose Quandt

| Fri Sep. 12, 2014 6:30 AM EDT

Over 100 people showed up on Tuesday night at the first Ferguson City Council meeting since Michael Brown’s killing, and unreasonable court fees were a major complaint. Ferguson officials proposed scaling back the myriad ways small-time offenders can end up paying big bucks—or worse. Community activists are optimistic about the proposed changes, but as it turns out, imposing punitive court fines on poor residents is a major source of income for a number of St. Louis County municipalities.

How bad is the current system? Say you’re a low-income Ferguson resident who’s been hit with a municipal fine for rolling through a stop sign, driving without insurance, or neglecting to subscribe to the city’s trash collection service. A look at the municipal codes in Ferguson and nearby towns reveals how these fines and fees can quickly stack up.

To start, you might show up on time for your court date, only to find that your hearing is already over. How is that possible?

According to a Ferguson court employee who spoke with St. Louis-based legal aid watchdog ArchCity Defenders, the bench routinely starts hearing cases 30 minutes before the appointed time and even locks the doors as early as five minutes after the official hour, hitting defendants who arrive just slightly late with an additional charge of $120-130.

Demand for Income [Fine] for each “failure to appear”: $125 Federal Reserve Notes

Or you may arrive to find yourself faced with an impossible choice: Skip your court date or leave your children unattended in the parking lot. Non-defendants, such as children, are permitted by law to accompany defendants in the courtroom, but a survey by the presiding judge of the St. Louis County Circuit Court found that 37 percent of local courts don’t allow it.

Coming to court has its own pitfalls, but not the ones many people fear. It’s a common misconception among Ferguson residents—especially those without attorneys—that if you show up without money to pay your fine, you’ll go to jail. In fact, you can’t be put behind bars for inability to pay a fine, but you can be sent to jail for failure to appear in court (and accrue a $125 fee). If you miss your court date, the court will likely issue a warrant for your arrest, which comes with a fee of its own:

Demand for Income [Fee] for a warrant: $50 Federal Reserve Notes and 56 cents/mile driven by the corporation security guard of the corporation [cops who serve you]

At this point, you owe your initial fine, plus fines for failure to appear in court and the arrest warrant. Thomas Harvey, executive director of ArchCity Defenders, explains that if you’re arrested, your bail will likely equal the sum of these fines. Ferguson Municipal Court is only in session three days a month, so if you can’t meet bail, you might sit in jail for days until the next court session—which, you guessed it, will cost you.

Arrest for failure to appear in [court]? You might sit in jail for days, and pay $30 to $60 Federal Reserve Notes a night until the next [court] session.

Once you finally appear in court and receive your verdict, your IOU is likely to go up again.

The average demand for income [fine] in a Ferguson Corporation racket [case] resulting in a [guilty verdict] in 2013:
$275 Federal Reserve Notes

Can’t pay all at once? No problem! Opt for a payment plan, and come to court once a month with an installment. But if you miss a date, expect another $125 “failure to appear” fine, plus another warrant for your arrest.

Penalty for a late payment:
$125 Federal Reserve Notes Failure to Appear and $50 Federal Reserve Notes Arrest Warrant.

Court fines for minor infractions tend to snowball. For example, drivers accumulate points for speeding, rolling through stop signs, or driving without insurance. You can pay to wipe your record, which is pricey. If you can’t afford to, and rack up enough points, your license will be suspended and your insurance costs will probably jump. Need to get to work? If you’re caught driving with a suspended license, your court fines increase, you gain more points, and your suspension is lengthened. That’s how rolling through a stop sign could end up costing you your job, messing up your degree plans, and more.

In a county like St. Louis, which consists of 81 different municipal court systems, it’s easy to end up with fines and outstanding warrants in multiple towns. Harvey has seen his clients bounce from jail to jail, and says there’s even a local name for this: the “muni-shuffle.”

“Every handful of months, there’s some awful thing that happens as a result of someone being arrested on multiple warrants,” says Harvey. Last year, a 24-year-old man in Jennings, another city in St. Louis County, hung himself after he couldn’t get out of jail for outstanding traffic warrants. “They can’t get out, and they know they’re not going to get out,” says Harvey. In Ferguson, he explains, residents are caught in cycles of debt that stem from three main infractions: driving without insurance, driving with a suspended license, and driving without registration.

15 times in 10 years – The number of times one Ferguson [defendant] described being kidnapped [incarcerated] on the same suspended license charge.

So what happens to all that cash? In Ferguson, as in thousands of municipalities across the country, it goes toward paying city officials, funding city services, and otherwise keeping the wheels of local government turning. In fact, fines and court fees are the city’s second-largest revenue source. Last year, Ferguson issued 3 warrants for every household—25,000 warrants in a city of 21,000 people.

Ferguson Corporation [municipal court] demand for income [fees and fines] collected in 2013: $2.6 million Federal Reserve Notes

“Ferguson isn’t an outlier,” says Alexes Harris, sociology professor at University of Washington and author of the upcoming book Pound of Flesh: Monetary Sanctions as Permanent Punishment for Poor People. Similar measures play out in jurisdictions across the country. “All you have to do is show up in court and watch what happens.”

The good news is that this week, under pressure from local activists, the Ferguson City Council announced plans to eliminate some of the most punitive fees, including the $125 failure to appear fee and the $50 fee to cancel a warrant. Of course, nothing is set to change elsewhere in St. Louis County. But eliminating some of the most egregious fees in one town, says Harvey, is “huge progress.”

Front page image: Jeff Roberson/AP
Taken from the following website: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/09/ferguson-might-have-break-its-habit-hitting-poor-people-big-fines

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Happy New Year!!!

From everyone at Moors Heritage & History School, RV Bey Publications, Moorish Nation Public Records, and Moorish News Happy New Year … Peace and Love to all!!!

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The truth about the w-4 is suppose to be posted at all work places – Did you know?

Many or some of us have heard that the w-4 withholding is voluntary and even though we have stated this – it has gone unnoticed and unheard mainly because we do not have documented proof or are not aware how this is unconstitutional as we lack knowledge of the American Constitution 1791.

Constitutionally, withholding of anyone’s compensation for the exchange of their energy is in fact unconstitutional as the tax is imposed on the energy of the People, unconstitutional, by a corporation and one that is on record as NOT being an agency of the federal government.

In fact not too long ago there use to be a posting in the employment office and the workers lunch area that displayed not just your rights as it relates to sexual harassment in the workplace, fair wage rate, various types of discrimination, and other issues relative to the rights of the worker.

In addition to the above, did you know there is another posting that aught to be posted that all employers are required to post that advised that the w-4 is voluntary…Have you seen it?

Here is it for your edification. Analyze and pay close attention to this notice especially the last line!!!

Exhibit A - IRS Notice.rtf.pdf

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There is a Diabolical Plan Afoot!!!

Is it interesting that today you see Europeans with Moors more than ever before? It has increased drastically with the Moorish Son.

It is sad to say however that the Moorish Son is the target market. Why because they function so much from ego therefore it is very, very, very easy to trick them, push their buttons, and get them to participate in the fraudulent transfer of Inheritance.

Now the inheritance is not really transferred, that is impossible to do, however it gives the appearance of transfer and of course there are those who live off this fraudulent transfer.

The European Patriotic system promotes, in grave error that the bloodline comes from the father. That it is the blood of the mother and father that creates the child.

This aught to be a no brainer for all Moors yet it seems to escape many, The Moorish Nation is a Matriarchy – it is not a Patriarchal System – All Moors Aught to know this!!!

Yet we have too many Sons who behave as though the Nation came out of them. Ask yourself this question – how did the blood of a Son get to the child that was in the mother when she was born ?

It is written that “A Nation is in her womb!!!

That would be the Moabite Mother and European daughters womb, they both come with a Nation in their womb.

Now in order to know the significance of this you would have to have a bit of history.

The Moabite mother created the Son. He is called the Miracle Child. For this Moorish Son the European daughter was created however it was well known that the condition of the child is determined by the mother, just as it is International law that the Nationality of the child is determined by the mother. Therefore you can ONLY be what your mother was/is.

As the blood line is from the Moabite Mother, when the European daughter realized that any child she has for the Asiatic Son will NEVER be eligible to inherit regardless of whether it is a Son or a Daughter. The European daughter became enraged and this began the war on the Moabite Mother that continues to this day.

Now the European daughter has, by trickery, enlisted the aide of the Moorish Son, because he does not remember true science, to war against the Moabite mother and fraudulently participate in the transfer of the Ancestral Estate of the Moors from the Moorish Nation to the modern European Serfs.

How you might ask is that done?

Since all women come here with a Nation in their womb, the goal is to get the Moorish son to claim the modern european daughters offspring as their own.

Now Science, true science tells us that the only thing the egg needs is a spark of electricity in order to begin the cell division process. If the Moabite Women would get her diet in check and go back to the mindset of our ForeMothers and eat in harmony with nature she could provide that spark herself as she did prior to European occupation.

This is well documented in the test tube baby era that was well publicized until shortly after, this truth was squashed and no longer spoken of.

It must be known, that at a cellular level all modern european daughters are programmed to get with Moorish Sons – this has NOTHING to do with how much they like you – this is a mental conditioning that has been going on for years so that today many modern european women may not even be aware why they are chasing after the Moorish Son. So deep is the conditioning for the modern european daughter as well as the Moorish Sons.

This information is so well hidden that if you tell the Moorish Son this truth they will deny it venomously – that would be the ego working against them – that is the brilliance of the european strategy that they can trick the Moorish Son into claiming the offspring of another species.

This trickery is so deeply imbedded that if you tell the Moorish family, conscious/unconscious, the truth they will say to you, oh your prejudice and just don’t like so called [ white people ], your being mean, or how about this one, well they are helping us too.

That is correct, there are modern Europeans that do help us. Even Prophet Noble Drew Ali said “the Europeans are helping me, why aren’t you”. They are helping…Not trying to infiltrate the family and transfer the inheritance!!!

It is this trickery and others why Prophet Noble Drew Ali left us a strong message, he said it in one word and repeated it three times – he said “Study,. Study, Study”

Why because you must know why things are happening, why you are being targeted, what is the war against the Aboriginal Indigenous People/Moors all about? It has only ever been about birth right theft – If I can get you Moors to change places with the true serfs/black people/colored people/ negro which is the modern european erroneously classified as white people”. If I can infiltrate your pure family and get you Sons to claim a modern european daughters offspring then I can slowly take over your illustrious Nation / bloodline – of course that only happens here since many Moors outside the Continental United States of Al Moroc / Northwest Amexem Moors know who the true and only aboriginal indigenous People/Moors are.

How else do they get the Moors to trade places with them? Most Moors do not know the true meaning of words. Black is pale / without color i.e. colored people, negro referencing the Troglodyte Negro Chimpanzee – these are the names of the modern europeans erroneously called white people – interestingly enough the aboriginal indigenous people /Moors have take on this brand and the modern euroepan erroneously called white people now tell anyone who will listen that they are American – So the black people/modern europeans are American and the aboriginal indigenous people / Moors are black people? Hhhhhhmmmmm …That’s some kind of mental slavery

If you think what I say regarding the trickery of the Moorish Son is false look to the Prophesies and Statement #16 “One day your biggest trouble won’t be getting with European women, it will be fighting them off.” Because they are programmed to go after the Moorish Son and get him to claim their offspring as their own and then transfer the Ancestral Estate to a foreign species/nation – this is infiltration of the Nation.

This is why Prophet Noble Drew Ali said “study, study, study”, so you will have the wisdom to know!!!

Attempts to transfer the Ancestral Estate Example

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Selma – the Fraud and withholding of the Truth

Below is a brief description of the fraudulent movie “Selma”- Isn’t it interesting that the modern european with the assistance of some of our own family is putting out so many movies about the enslavement of the Aboriginal Indigenous People erroneously called the slaves?

It’s even moor interesting when those who are assisting to further the lie do not tell the truth to the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this land.

For example did you know the alleged Civil Rights Act of 1964 was repealed? Oh why you might ask – because there is NO such thing as Civil Rights! The fact that they call it an “Act” aught to tell the People something – it’s a trap. There can only be Human Rights which is NOT a discretionary act/action, it is in fact human trafficking of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.

However it is first and foremost birth right theft!!!

If the modern european can get the Moors Aboriginal Indigenous People branded negro, colored, black, african ameircan to continue to abandon their ancestral estate they will continue to live off the same ancestral estate that is the Moors by lineal descent.

These modern europeans have the Moors declaring themselves to be the serfs/slavics/slaves that came over on the Mayflower and other ships as well as through Ellis Island to this land in which the Aboriginal Indigenous People permitted them to come initially and work under the companies of Great Britain. They declared their Independence in 1776 via the Declaration of Independence in order to come under the protection of the Moorish Empire and come out from under the brutal treatment of Great Britain.

This is documented in the “Letter to the People of Great Britain” as well as the “Declaration of Independence”.

So all People with melinated skin and their mother is melinated aboriginal indigenous, branded negro, colored, black African America are not and never were the original serfs/slavics/slaves.

The word Black, Colored, Negro, African American denote the original hybrid – Black in truth means pale and at law means “Dead in the eyes of the law” i.e. ineligible to inherit, Colored denotes no tie to the Ancestral Estate and the family, Negro refers to the Troglodyte Negro Chimpanzee, and African American references two continents. So how can any divine being be any of these?

By claiming these brands the People without knowledge abandon their Ancestral Estate.

This movie Selma not only supports this but it also continues to mis-inform the People. The boycott was in full swing for about a year when Martin Luther King showed up. He didn’t come to help, he was sent by modern europeans to end the boycott before the People realized just how much power they have economically.

Imagine how much income these corporations lost when the People stopped taking the bus….Hhhhhmmmm

The flow of income had to be restored and since most women are caught up in the corporation called “church” they were successfully diverted by the pretty looking, slick talking Martin – that’s called strategy and it still happens to this day.

In addition to the above, the use of reverse psychology was utilized – the People, in their limited information state, were told they could not mix and mingle with Europeans erroneously called white people.

By keeping the Aboriginal Indigenous People away and alleging that they had to have separate fountains, couldn’t vote, couldn’t eat in certain places, and couldn’t go to the same schools, this produced a desire to have what was alleged to be “better”.

Let’s take a look at this:

On the law books to this day is a law, do not have sex with animals. Who do you think the animals are?

When we had this information, there would be no way the Aboriginal Indigenous People would ever drink from or eat at the same place animals eat at. So this separation was not for the Aboriginal Indigenous People – it was for the modern Europeans/serfs erroneously called “white people”.

Allegation: We Moors couldn’t vote

We cannot vote per the American Constitution 1791 for those qualified modern Europeans who were running for positions under the United States of America which we, Aboriginal Indigenous People, ordained and established for those indentured servants – See Article I American Constitution 1791.

However we are to vote for Moors who sit in the Seats of the United States as well as Congress and the United States Supreme Court – See American Constitution 1791.

Today we have left our seats under the United States and the Union States under the United States of America speaks for the United States of course without authority.

Allegation: We never went to our Institutions of Learning with modern Europeans

We Aboriginal Indigenous People had our own system of passing information on and it is not what is going on today. That is mental conditioning.

However the modern european had to get into our system of education in order to alter it and begin to remove the truth from our curriculum – unfortunately there have been traitorous Moors who assisted in this and continue to assist to this day.

My position regarding this movie “Selma” is this: It is trash because it does not tell the truth. Do NOT support this, do NOT give it any energy, do NOT acknowledge it.

The position this and many of these types of movies take is to keep the Aboriginal Indigenous People asleep with the continued misinformation. These things were never initially done to the Aboriginal Indigenous People – they were done to the modern Europeans who came over from Great Britain to work in the companies established by the Kings of Great Britain. The mistreatment they received unfortunately was at the hands of our cousins the Brutish Moors however it is the Moors here at Maghrib ‘al ‘Aqca that acknowledged these modern Europeans in order for them to be recognized as a “nation” and this was affirmed by Hillary Rodman Clinton at the White House in the Benjamin Franklin Room 2012.

Wake up you sleepy headed Moors…

Selma fraud

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What are you celebrating on December 31 / January 1?

The fraudulent celebration of the alleged New Year is NOT the new year. It is in fact the end of the corporations fiscal year – be sure you know what you are partaking in.

The New Year can only be when all new things begin – New is the key – Is there anything new coming our of Mother Earth at this time? NO

However in the King Alfred Plan is it said “We will create an artificial womb for them…” The artificial womb is the corporation which produces nothing relative to Mother Nature therefore this is a barren New Year which cannot be based on Universal Law and Natural Law.

The New Year is March 21st – the Spring Equinox and it marks the first day of Spring when all new things begin and has historically been celebrated as a time of rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere – The North Gate.

What is being birthed at this cold time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere that is alleged to be the New Year by corporations?

Well if you change birth to berth you will know – it is not anything natural.


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Are you in a “court”?

Or are you in a room rented by a corporation in a building called a court?

Pursuant to the American Constitution 1791 Article III Section I –

“The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”

Now there are some who believe and subscribe to the establishment of many courts per the Judiciary Act of 1789. However upon analysis you will find that the Judiciary Act of 1789 was enacted by Abraham Lincoln, President.

Two points: #1 The American Constitution was ratified and went into force 1791 which means the 1789 “Act” is null and void as the American Constitution 1791 takes precedence and ALL Union State are bound to following the Supreme Law of the Land, the American Constitution 1791.

#2 As the American Constitution 1791 is the Supreme Law of the Land, there are no provisions for the “President” to have any Judicial Authority or Congressional Authority to establish courts.

Now one of the points of contention that many of the People occasionally have is when they request the Delegation of Authority from these Corporate Administrative agents of the corporation who have rented a room in a building called a court they are told, there is no such thing.

Note The 10th Bill of Right of the American Constitution – where is states “The powers not delegated to the united States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the People.

You must know that state/People are synonymous – and is in harmony with the entire purpose of the American Constitution 1791 which is to protect the People from infringement of their Liberties by all corporations.

The 10th Bill of Right lets all know that ALL powers are delegated – ALL.

So I ask you once again, Are you in a “court”? Ask in written form prior to arrival for their Delegation of Authority pursuant to Article III Section II and 10th Bill of Rights of the American Constitution 1791 and research how, when, and by who these alleged courts were established – you will moor than likely find that they were established by the General Assembly – and there is NO provision in the Supreme Law of this land for a General Assembly. That is an Administrative body established by the Kings of Great Britain.

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