Executive Order 13037 classifies “The People” as human capital!!!

Executive Order 13037 deals with Commission To Study Capital Budgeting.

What would that have to do with the People? It is primae facie evidence of treason, human trafficking, slavery, etc.

What is interesting is section 2 (b) which is as follows:

“(b) The appropriate definition of capital for Federal budgeting, including: use of capital for the Federal Government itself or the economy at large; ownership by the Federal Government or some other entity; defense and nondefense capital; physical capital and intangible or human capital; distinctions among investments in and for current, future, and retired workers; distinctions between capital to increase productivity and capital to enhance the quality of life; and existing definitions of capital for budgeting;”

Our responsibility as Moors is to maintain the Balance which is to Enforce the United States Republic Constitution, the only law on this continent.

The above is not an opportunity to correct wording to read differently or better. It is an opportunity for we Moors to remove those who do not uphold their Oath and protect, preserve, and secure the (birth) rights of the “People”.ISLAM

Executive Order 13037 March 3, 1997 Commission To Study Capital Budgeting

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